Prosperity House

Volunteering Your Services

What we look for in our volunteers

  • We operate under Charitable fundraising number CFN/25048 issued by the NSW Government.
  • Have a can do attitude who can work as part of team. There is not a single role at Prosperity House that isn’t possible with the support the teams around us.
  • Be realistic about the time you can commit. There are many ways to volunteer at Prosperity House and saying no once doesn’t mean we won’t ask you to help in other ways. Volunteering should make you feel good–not add pressure to already busy lives.
  • Ask for help–many hands make light work and it makes that task at hand more fun.
  • Be flexible, just because you’ve volunteered for one role doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you will be asked to help with. It also means that if the role you’ve volunteered for isn’t working for you there are plenty of other ways you can help.


Step 1

To become a volunteer of Prosperity House, please fill out our online application form by clicking the JOIN US NOW button below. Alternatively, you if you prefer to visit our site in person you can fill out the application form onsite and we would love to say hello and meet you in person.

Step 2

As part of our Prosperity House application process we ask that you please provide a photo copy of your driver’s license.  Any information you provide Prosperity House is and will remain highly confidential with your application and your profile stored in a highly  secure location.

Step 3

Due to the nature of what we do here at Prosperity House; security and privacy is of the upmost importance. As a volunteer you will be expected to follow a code of conduct becoming of charity work. Once you have filled out our contact form; please print and sign our Code of Conduct form.

Item Donations

  • It hurts our hearts to turn away fresh baked cookies made with love, however due to health and safety regulations we cannot NOT accept home cooked or non commercially packaged food items. That being said, food will always be the number one thing on our list of needs as we need to build up our food pantry. We will gladly accept commercially packaged food, or gift vouchers to grocery stores.
  • Donating items - Prosperity House couldn’t do what we do without our generous donors. While we don’t like saying no to your generous offers for furniture and household goods due to lack of storage there are restrictions on what we can and cannot accept. We only accept good quality items on an ‘as needed’ basis. When we say good quality, we use the ‘would you give this to your friend to use’ rule. If you have any large items; we ask that you simply give us a call and see if we can accept it. Below is a list of items that are always in high demand to help men, women, and children get back on their feet.


New toasters, kettles, sandwich presses, microwave ovens, cutlery and utensils, dinner sets, pots and pans, cutting boards, sharp knives, baking items, storage containers, microwave container, fruit bowls and vases, serving platters, drinking glasses and plastic dinnerware.


Sheets – single, king single, double, queens and king sized, bassinet and cot sheets, mattress protectors, doona inserts, doona covers, pillow cases, blankets, throw rugs, new pillows, bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, bath and toilet mats, face washers, tea towels, table cloths and curtains.


Laundry powder and liquid, fabric softener, laundry baskets, pegs and peg baskets, dustpan and brush sets, toilet brushes, cleaning products, sponges and cloths, toilet spray, paper hand towels, tissues and dishwashing liquid.


Shampoo, conditioner, children’s shampoo / bath product, shower gel, soap, hand wash, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes (children and adult), tissues, sanitary items, hair products, hand cream, facial cleanser, sunscreen, lip balm, band aids, body moisturizer, toilet paper


Chocolates, nail polish, magazines, make up, hair brushes, perfume, lotions or soaps, photo frames, hair accessories, and face masks.


As this is a crisis center, toys for the children that could possibly pass through our facility would be appreciated.


Clothes that are lightly worn for the homeless. Jackets, gloves, socks, shoes, hats. Clothes for women of all sizes and for all occasions. Clothes for children.