Prosperity House


Prosperity House offer a variety of in-house services aimed at helping people of all ages and gender should they require essential day-to-day life skills and support.

How Prosperity House Helps to Change the Community for the Better

Our organisation is assisting real Australians with real problems in their everyday lives


Qualified Counsellors

Our professional and caring counsellors are essential in assisting our community on a daily basis by supplying valuable and necessary knowledge that enables those in need to know where and who they can turn to.

Alternative Healing

Prosperity House understand the importance of keeping our body / mind / soul all in balance so that we have the energy and drive to achieve and maintain positivity

Multicultural & Gender Equality

We all live in multicultural communities and Prosperity House helps us to harness all cultures and embraces gender equality and sexual diversity... we all make up this wonderful world

Friendly Professional Volunteers

Make a difference today and show the world how your charitable time and compassion can make a huge impact on people who need someone to talk to and understand… it's time well spent

Life Skills & Employment Help

Learning how to manage everyday life problems isn't a simple process for some. That big issue 'fear', in its many forms, can keeps us from being who we want to be

90 Day 'Reprogram Your Life' Workshop

Thanks to the success and the book 'Reprogram your Life' by Shane Reynolds, Prosperity House is fortunate enough to offer these essential life changing skills first hand via their 90 Day Workshop

Our Belief

S Reynolds
I am extremely passionate about giving back to the community and so blessed to be involved in an organisation that fosters personal development.